This week in the Voice: GSP’s trailblazing story

In this week’s feature, News Editor Claire Zeng looks at how the Georgetown Scholarship Program grew to its current level of success in the past decade. In just 10 years, GSP has become much more than the money. It has evolved from a scholarship for 50 students to a vibrant community of 640 students that achieves a […]

This Week in the Voice: GU’s starving artists

This week’s feature, written by assistant leisure editor Josh Ward, delves into the struggles faced by student artists of many stripes at Georgetown as they try to balance their artistic interests with the need to fit in to the University’s pre-professional atmosphere. Because of the inherent need to prioritize in the pre-professional culture, creative expression is […]

This week in the Voice: Spring Fashion 2014

In this week’s feature, Managing Editor Julia Tanaka dressed up some Georgetown students for the Voice‘s spring fashion issue. News reports the postponing of the decision to release Daniel Milzman‘s (COL ’16) to a local hospital. Leisure reviews the Department of Performing Arts’ Doubt, A Parable, finding the lack of a definite truth makes for a rewarding experience. In Sports, Editor Chris […]

This Week in the Voice: Sexual assault’s long shadow

In this week’s feature, Editor-at-Large Ana Smith turns a lens on the plight on sexual assault on and off campus as a follow-up to September 2010 Voice feature: According to survivors, the University’s inability to talk about sex makes it difficult for the community to address sexual assault myths. “The University won’t talk about the fact […]

This week in the Voice: Literary Social Justice

In this week’s edition of the Voice, leisure editor Dayana Morales Gomez and Assistant leisure editor Emilia Brahm profile the Lannan Center for Poetics and Social Practice at Georgetown – a program that blurs the line between art and activism. Even though several award-winning authors are part of the center, including Director Carolyn Forché, recipient of a the Yale […]

This Week in the Voice: Deaf Culture at Georgetown

In this week’s feature, editor-at-large Caitriona Pagni documents the personal struggles of deaf students within the Georgetown community. “My first two weeks here freshman year were horrible. I cried every night because that was the first time I had to be in the hearing world 24/7.” In the news section, Noah Buyon explores the recently […]

This Week in the Voice: How Five Hoyas Journeyed to the Olympic Games

In this week’s feature, voices editor Steven Criss and sports editor Chris Almeida relay the impressive stories of five Hoya Olympians who have since competed in events from 1972 at the Munich games to 2012 in London. It’s no secret that the Hilltop is teeming with type-A students. Hoyas have ended up at the top of the […]

This Week in the Voice: The graduate journey from O St. to Wall St.

In this week’s feature, assistant Vox editor Ryan Greene investigates why financial services and consulting have become the top careers of choice for Georgetown graduates: There are several ways the University as an institution also promotes a business-oriented culture, especially with regards to resources and events put together for job-seekers. Georgetown’s career education center, for instance, prides itself […]

This week in the Voice: A history of Georgetown’s architecture

In this week’s feature, Julia Tanaka gives a historical perspective on the University’s architecture and the challenges it will face to expand its 100-acre main campus. The largest question on many student’s minds when it comes to aesthetics, however, is Lauinger Library. The dark concrete stands out in stark contrast to the three other buildings surrounding […]

This Week in the Voice: Georgetown students go beyond borders

In this week’s feature, assistant news editor Shalina Chatlani takes a look at undocumented students at Georgetown and how the University supports them. Georgetown University is one of the growing numbers of private colleges, including Harvard, Yale, and the University of Chicago, that accept undocumented students. On July 18, 2013, President John DeGioia, along with […]

This Week in the Voice: Why field hockey’s had such a long losing streak

In this week’s feature, assistant sports editor Chris Castano looks into why the field hockey team hasn’t had a winning season in 12 years. Unlike the University’s renowned basketball program, however, the field hockey team has not had a winning season since 2002, and the lack of resources allocated to the team has created great discontent between […]