This week in the Voice: Concerts at Georgetown

This week in Features, Samuel Buckley rejoices in the concerts of Georgetown past and bemoans those of the present. “The lackluster response to this year’s lineup wasn’t a far cry from student reactions to most concerts at Georgetown… Read More

This week in the Voice: Financial aid under fire

This week in Features, Sean Quigley explores the impact of Pell Grants on Georgetown students, and their futures. “Hendricks is one of more than 800 Georgetown undergraduates who receive financial aid from the federal government through the Pell… Read More

This week in the Voice: Strike a pose

In Features, Antwaun Sargent and Nico Dodd highlight their favorite style trends in our annual Spring fashion spread. “Suit up for interviews,” they write, “take an afternoon stroll­ in style, and look good for class. You never know… Read More

This week in the Voice: Oh, SNAP!

This week in Features, Chris Heller rides along with SNAP on a Saturday night to find out what really happens in the organization most students see as just party police. “[SNAP] is in its eleventh year … But… Read More

This week in the Voice: It’s scientific

This week in Features, Juliana Brint explores the potential impact of the new science building on the role of sciences at Georgetown. “…Construction workers are busy transforming the nearly $100 million building from blueprint to reality. But despite… Read More

This Week in the Voice: Squashing the enemy

This week in Features, Rob Sapunor covers the women’s club squash victory in the national championships. “While not many schools compete in squash at a national level,” writes Sapunor, “Georgetown’s run was especially impressive since the coachless, student-run… Read More

This Week in The Voice: So long, Dr. Porterfield.

This week in Features, Rachel Calvert looks at the widespread impact of Dr. Dan Porterfield on the eve of his departure. “Since his undergraduate days in the Georgetown College in the early 1980s,” writes Calvert, “Porterfield’s career at… Read More

This Week In The Voice: You debatin’ at me?

This week in Features, Matthew Decker takes a look at the Philodemic Society “Founded in 1830, with the motto ‘in pursuit of eloquence in defense of liberty,’ the Philodemic Society is Georgetown’s oldest and longest-running student organization and… Read More

This Week In The Voice: Look who’s noisy

This week in Features, Diana McCue looks into the woes of off-campus housing. “Nearly 1,000 juniors and seniors are living off-campus this academic year […] Some of them may have experienced troubles with mice or break-ins during their… Read More

This week in the Voice: Welcome to the world of Wingo’s

This week in Features, Sean Quigley spends a night in the mysterious and fast-paced world of Wingo’s. “Hoping to gain some insights about the inner workings of my favorite Georgetown chicken carry-out joint,” writes Quigley, “I spent last… Read More