This Week in the Voice: The exclusivity of campus cultural groups

In this week’s feature, Vox Assistant Editor Kenneth Lee explores students’ experiences in cultural groups on campus and the barriers created between international and American students within these groups. Daniel Kim (COL ‘17), a Korean-American Maryland native, arrived at a general body… Read More


This Week in the Voice: Sexual harassment from construction workers

In this week’s feature, Caitriona Pagni unveils the sexual harassment of female students from construction workers on campus. Multiple cases have arisen in the past year of sexual harassment and, as more and more contracting companies come onto… Read More

This Week in the Voice: GU Improv brings humor to the Hilltop

In this week’s feature, Halftime leisure editor Daniel Varghese writes about GU Improv, the group on campus that has brought an outlet of creativity and humor into the very professionally and academically driven Georgetown student body. Of the nine active… Read More

This Week in the Voice: The student startups of Georgetown

Startups are all the rage these days, and Dayana Morales Gomez explores the landscape for the current crop of new student businesses at Georgetown in this week’s feature: Though the startup boom at Georgetown seems to have gained… Read More

This Week in the Voice: A deeper look at the NHS

In this week’s feature, Marisa Hawley dives into the corridors of St. Mary’s Hall to take a closer look at the small but proud school that is a mystery to Georgetown’s future investment bankers and consultants: “There is a community… Read More

This Week in the Voice: Pieces of the Georgetown puzzle

In this week’s feature, Caitriona Pagni, James Constant, and Elizabeth Baker write about four pressing issues, namely socioeconomic diversity, the University’s Catholic identity and the LGBTQ movement, disability activism, and free speech, that many on the Hilltop—students, administrators, GUSA… Read More

This Week in the Voice: The 2014 photo contest winners

In the Voice’s final issue of the school year, photo takes over the feature in the annual photo contest. The winning photo, “Playing Outside the Triple E” by Trishla Jain (SFS ’15), is pretty rad and has a toy monkey… Read More

This week in the Voice: GSP’s trailblazing story

In this week’s feature, News Editor Claire Zeng looks at how the Georgetown Scholarship Program grew to its current level of success in the past decade. In just 10 years, GSP has become much more than the money. It has… Read More

This Week in the Voice: GU’s starving artists

This week’s feature, written by assistant leisure editor Josh Ward, delves into the struggles faced by student artists of many stripes at Georgetown as they try to balance their artistic interests with the need to fit in to the… Read More

This week in the Voice: Spring Fashion 2014

In this week’s feature, Managing Editor Julia Tanaka dressed up some Georgetown students for the Voice‘s spring fashion issue. News reports the postponing of the decision to release Daniel Milzman‘s (COL ’16) to a local hospital. Leisure reviews the Department of Performing Arts’ Doubt,… Read More