This Week in the Voice: Grade inflation at Georgetown

In this week’s feature, assistant news editor Lara Fishbane investigates something all of us students hold close to our hearts: grade inflation at Georgetown and across the country. According to John Q. Pierce, University registrar and assistant provost, the percentage of students who earn honor degrees has been steadily increasing. In the graduating class of […]

This Week in the Voice: Best in music and movies for 2013

In this week’s feature, the staff of the Voice present their opinions of the top ten albums and movies that were released this past year, with Kayne’s Yeezus and The Way, Way Back taking the top spots. Samuel Wolter explains why Yeezus truly represents the best of 2013. A challenging album that stands in sharp […]

This Week in the Voice: It’s high time we legalize ganja

In this week’s feature, Connor Jones investigates efforts to legalize marijuana in the District, focusing on the social justice benefits of such a step and highlighting the lack of leadership from the millennials. Even though support for legalization has ballooned in recent years, anti-drug taboo remains strong. This obstacle, in addition to the tall legal […]

This Week in the Voice: It’s that time of the year again, basketball season is back

 The sports section takes over this week’s feature with a men’s and women’s basketball preview. In one article, sports Editor Chris Almeida discusses how the men’s basketball team looks to move forward after recent disappointments and setbacks. The Hoyas begin the season unranked in both polls, and not unreasonably so. After losing first team All American forward and […]

This Week in the Voice: Exorcising Georgetown’s Catholic angels and demons

In this week’s feature, Claire Zeng offers a historical perspective on the development of the Catholic identity at Georgetown. While Manny Miranda and William Blatty believe Georgetown doesn’t deserve even to be called Catholic, many current students believe they have an integral role in Catholicism here. Since its founding in 1789, Georgetown has undergone a transformation from small […]

This Week in the Voice: Building a community of student musicians

In this week’s feature, Jeffrey Lin explores the development of GU Jam Sesh, a new independent student group for aspiring musicians in the Georgetown community. Despite issues with the neighbors and university noise policies, GU Jam Sesh has been able to provide a new forum for innovative and diversified musical expression: Students involved with GU […]

This Week in the Voice: Adjunct professors and condoms for all

In this week’s feature, News Editor Lucia He looks into the problems associated with a growing number of adjunct professors and the shrinking number of full-time professors. Kerry Danner-McDonald, an adjunct professor in the Theology department, agrees, and adds that time constraints also limit the chances for adjuncts to conduct their own research. “A full-time professor […]

This Week in the Voice: MOOCs and GMS Fails

In this week’s feature, the Voice examines the pros and cons of online courses at Georgetown, and the future of online education at the University. Through these projects, Georgetown is rapidly moving into the technological arena by making online learning a substantial part of the undergraduate experience. While this puts Georgetown on par with its tech-savvy […]

This Week in the Voice: Fall fashion

This week, the Voice takes a look at fall trends in the fashion issue. This season is a melding of hard and soft, meeting at a blurred edge. Pastel colors come together with leather panels, studded sweaters meet tartan skirts. Men’s prints meet womenswear in a houndstooth dress—the bold pattern is almost a neutral. Mixed-media coats […]

This Week in the Voice: Living with Student Debt

In this week’s feature, Julia Tanaka explores the pressures of student debt and how the University hopes to make a Georgetown education more accessible. With a small endowment and the cost of college rising, it’s not easy. Of the 56 percent of Georgetown undergraduates that receive some form of external financial aid, 40 percent receive direct […]

This Week in the Voice: Somewhere over the rainbow flag

In the feature this week, take a look at Georgetown’s LGBTQ community. There has been a lot of progress made in recent years, but there are still avenues for improvement: After the establishment of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance by a group of undergraduates in 1980, LGBTQ students at Georgetown faced open and vocal opposition from […]