This Week in the Voice: Fall fashion

This week, the Voice takes a look at fall trends in the fashion issue. This season is a melding of hard and soft, meeting at a blurred edge. Pastel colors come together with leather panels, studded sweaters meet tartan… Read More

This Week in the Voice: Living with Student Debt

In this week’s feature, Julia Tanaka explores the pressures of student debt and how the University hopes to make a Georgetown education more accessible. With a small endowment and the cost of college rising, it’s not easy. Of the… Read More

This Week in the Voice: Somewhere over the rainbow flag

In the feature this week, take a look at Georgetown’s LGBTQ community. There has been a lot of progress made in recent years, but there are still avenues for improvement: After the establishment of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance… Read More

This Week in the Voice: Arts and crafts and politics, oh my

This week’s feature focuses on classes at Georgetown that are a hybrid between traditional disciplines and artistic approaches.  According to professors from a range of disciplines from Philosophy to Politics, perhaps it’s time to restructure how Georgetown teaches…. Read More

This Week in the Voice: The sailing team gets some love

In this week’s feature, Chris Castano looks into what it takes to be on the Georgetown sailing team. It’s harder, and more rewarding, than you might think. Despite a general lack of knowledge about college sailing, people seem… Read More

This Week in the Voice: Study up to take the bar

In this week’s feature, the Georgetown Voice staff review bars around the city to help you mix it up this weekend: Situated on 18th St. in colorful Adams Morgan, Madam’s Organ may be the bar where you have to put… Read More

This Week in the Voice: Photo Contest 2013

This issue of the the Voice features the eight 2013 photo contest winners. The winner is “Musical solidarity with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers”, by Sarah G. Vázquez (COL ’13). News covers the student guard laptop ban and some of… Read More

This Week in the Voice: Club sports, serious problems

In this week’s feature, Chris Almeida looks into the health problems that participants in club sports face at Georgetown. Specifically, club sports don’t have access to trainers and have to rely on either the emergency room or the… Read More

This Week in the Voice: Speech, expression, and red tape

In this week’s feature story, I write about the origins of Georgetown’s free speech policy and explore the limits it places on student activists. For one, in recent years, there have been disagreements between protesters and the administration… Read More

This Week in the Voice: Fresh from the farm

This week’s feature takes a look at food issues facing vendors in the District—problems such as the availability and affordability of locally-grown products. The piece also delves into community initiatives that work in cooperation with small farmers: Dialogue… Read More