Jack Evans chimes in on 2010 campus plan at BCA meeting

Thursday night’s Burleith Citizens Association meeting featured an appearance by Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans, who answered residents’ concerns about Georgetown’s 2010 campus plan. While standing between two of the BCA’s ubiquitous “Our Homes, Not GU’s Dorm” lawn signs, Evans voiced his support for Burleith residents. However, he also told the crowd that he has […]

Vandals damage O Street townhouse, students yet to be blamed

Last Saturday, a fence surrounding a townhouse on the 3200 block of O Street was vandalized, according to a post on the Georgetown listserv. This is about when we figured that the poster, Robert Laycock, would accuse Georgetown students of the damage. Let’s just say he surprised us. “[S]everal individuals, probably inebriated, pulled off the […]

BCA, CAG hire consultants, plan to meet with University officials

Last April, the Burleith Citizens Association started soliciting donations for their anti-Campus Plan campaign; five months and $11,000 later, the community group has finally hired zoning and urban planning consultants to help build their case. “As we move into the fall, activity surrounding the GU campus plan will heat up,” BCA President Lenore Rubino wrote […]

In private meeting, students and administrators discuss Campus Plan, off-campus party registration

Since late August, Dean of Students Todd Olson and Associate Vice President of Student Affairs Jeanne Lord have quietly met with students to talk about the 2010 Campus Plan. During the first of the two meetings, the group discussed ways to alleviate off-campus tensions, such as mandatory off-campus party registration and University-facilitated meet-and-greets between students […]

Burleith Citizens’ Association President wants to remind you that residents don’t hate students

In this week’s edition of “How Burleith Residents Misunderstand the 2010 Campus Plan,” we take a look at Lenore Rubino, President of the Burleith Citizens’ Associations. This gem of a line is from an email Rubino sent out over the Burleith listserv: “Good for all: More on-campus, affordable housing that accommodates student needs. I would […]

A response to a response: The 2010 Campus Plan fight continues

In response to Georgetown University’s “misleading” point-by-point letter, the Citizens’ Association of Georgetown (CAG) published a letter of its own, titled “Setting the Record Straight.” In the letter, CAG accuses the University of violating D.C. zoning laws by “[tolerating] poor, substandard housing conditions, trash and rats, and disorderly behavior by its students living off campus […]

Get your lawns ready, the 2010 Campus Plan sign contest is over

After a week of submissions and another week of voting, we’re ready to name the winner of our 2010 Campus Plan sign contest. With a whopping 60 percent of the vote, “Raising Property Values Since 1789″ won outright. Congrats to Alison Crowley (COL ’11), who just earned herself a pair of tickets to the E […]

University responds to 2010 Campus Plan opposition

7/8 UPDATE: It looks like the University switched out Dimolitsas’s letter for a more-detailed chart [PDF]. At the bottom of this post, we’ve republished a copy of the original letter. On Tuesday, a Georgetown University official finally responded to mounting opposition to the 2010 Campus Plan. In an open letter addressed to “Friends and Neighbors,” […]

Vote for your favorite 2010 Campus Plan lawn sign

Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer You guys impress the hell out of us. In the past week, you flooded the comments and our inbox with some great submissions for the 2010 Campus Plan sign contest. It took some time—and a little bit of Photoshopping—but we managed to whittle it down to the five best […]

Burleith Citizens Association makes it easier for residents to complain about 2010 Campus Plan

Attention Burleith residents:  If you don’t have time to write your own letter about Georgetown’s 2010 Campus Plan to University officials and local politicians, don’t worry—the Burleith Citizens Association is here to help. The BCA created a form letter for residents of Burleith to send to a number of people who have the ability to […]

Design your own 2010 Campus Plan sign

Our trip into Burleith yesterday got us thinking about a few things. Why should the residents be the only ones who get to have fun with signage? How can students get involved with the 2010 Campus Plan? And why has it been months since our last contest? And so, in the spirit of fairness, we’re […]