Lawn signs: Burleith’s newest weapon against the 2010 Campus Plan

If you’ve walked through Burleith lately, you’ve surely seen the red and white signs that have popped up on residents’ lawns over the past week. The signs, which read “OPPOSE GU’s Campus Plan” and “Our Homes Not GU’s Dorm,” are a part of the Burleith Citizens’ Association’s campaign against the 2010 Campus Plan. As we’ve […]

Students and University respond to “Drunken Georgetown Students” site

So, maybe Georgetown students aren’t drunk all of the time. In recent days, both the University and students have responded to “Drunken Georgetown Students,” the website that’s fueled rampant procrastination all week long. In an e-mail statement, Director of Media Relations Andy Pino wrote, “[The University does] not believe the site is a constructive attempt […]

“Drunken Georgetown Students” shut down, rises again on Blogspot, the website every Georgetown student loves to hate, was taken offline these evening by server host Heller Information Services (HIS), only to reappear hours later at “I was pressured by the server to take [the site] down,” Stephen R. Brown, the Burleith resident who runs the site, said in a telephone interview. “I […]

Burleith resident told to blur photos in response to complaints

Heller Information Services (HIS), the server operator behind the website “Drunken Georgetown Students,” has asked Stephen R. Brown, the Burleith resident who runs the site, to “either remove the pix or blur the faces,” according to an e-mail posted by Brown. Yesterday, Vox reported that Brown has been publishing photographs of Georgetown students on his […]

Resident blogs about, photographs partying Georgetown students

Be wary the next time you head out to an off-campus party—you just might end up on “Drunken Georgetown Students,” a website run by a Burleith resident which publishes photographs and written accounts of off-campus student life. The site, which dubs Georgetown “AN EAST COAST PARTY SCHOOL,” is run by neighbor and former American University […]

A wrap-up of the CAG meeting on the 2010 Campus Plan, Part 1

On Monday night, the Citizens Association of Georgetown held its first public meeting on the 2010 Campus Plan since the final draft of the plan came out last Fall. And even though a lot of what was said has been said before—why neighbors dislike the 2010 Campus Plan, why students make awful neighbors, etc., etc.—this […]

Jennifer Altemus bashes virulent Vox comments in the Current

I hope you’re happy, students of Georgetown. Because remember that string of posts we ran a while back, about how the Citizens Association of Georgetown, led by President Jennifer Altemus (COL ’88), was raising funds to defeat portions of the 2010 Campus Plan? And how neighborhood blogger Carol Joynt thought Georgetown was too good for […]

Burleith residents creating a database of noisy, messy Georgetown students

Spring is in the air, and Burleith residents are concerned that the noise from partygoing Georgetown students is, too. So the Burleith Citizens Association has offered new a way to combat students students’ noise and “nuisance properties”—a database where residents can make their complaints about noisy, unkempt, or trash-filled properties a ‘historical record.’ In an […]

Neighbors brainstorm some interesting locations for the Georgetown Hospital

Wingardium leviosa! The impending scuffle over the 2010 Campus Plan has the residents of Georgetown chatting about how to keep the University from creeping into their neighborhood. Last week, local leader Jennifer Altemus (COL ’88) announced over the georgetowforum listserv that she had sent President John DeGioia a letter outlining their concerns with the 2010 […]

CAG President’s letter to DeGioia about the 2010 Campus Plan

If you don’t recall how neighborhood residents of Georgetown reacted when administrators presented the 2010 Campus Plan back in November, let me remind you of the words of Advisory Neighborhood Commission Chair Ron Lewis when he heard that adding 1,000 parking spaces in the University was part of the plan: “There is a problem,” he […]

Magis Row houses announced for 2010 – 2011

The new residents of Magis Row have been chosen. Next school year, the bloc of fourteen University townhouses that Georgetown converted into living and learning communities in an attempt to mollify town-gown tensions (and incidentally, they haven’t) will be occupied by the following fourteen themed communities: Hip Hop Justified Nobody Home Catholic Social Teaching Justice […]