Jumper incident closes Key Bridge in both directions, Park Police officer dies

Update, 11:27 p.m.: The Park Police has identified the deceased officer as Sergeant Michael Boehm. Boehm was responding to the initial report of a possible Key Bridge jumper this evening when he collapsed. He was transported to Georgetown University Hospital, where medical staff tried in vain to resuscitate him. He was declared dead shortly after his […]

Georgetown releases final draft of the 2010 Campus Plan—What’s new?

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Right? On Thursday, Georgetown University publicly released the final draft of its 2010 Campus Plan (PDF), which it will present to the community on Monday, April 26. Administrators have already presented most of the plan to Georgetown residents in a series of community meetings in November—Transportation, the […]

Georgetown announces community meeting for final draft of 2010 Campus Plan

Well, it wasn’t the late January or early February date they had hoped for. But the 2010 Campus Plan steering committee has announced the last community meeting it will hold regarding the 2010 Campus Plan before it files the plan with the Old Georgetown Board and D.C. Zoning Commission for approval. On Monday, April 26, […]

The 10 Year Campus Plan: GUTS Busted

The University is formulating its 2010 Campus Plan, which, once it passes ANC and D.C. Zoning Commission muster, will dictate how the University can expand over the next decade. Previous Campus Plans excluded neighborhood input in their planning stages, much to the neighbors’ dismay. So this summer, University officials will hold a series of meetings […]

DC drivers most accident-prone

DC drivers average one accident every 5.4 years, making them the nation’s most dangerous, according to Allstate. 5.4 seems like a long time for some drivers, so I guess they’re not counting pulling too far into a parking space, bumping the car facing you, and driving to another space. AAA says we’re getting in wrecks […]

Fenty protects us from commuters

It’s just as we pedestrians suspected all along. All those caffeinated attorneys and government drones in Volvos are out to get us–and not just with lawsuits and taxes. They’re using their cars, and Mayor Fenty’s fighting back with a new traffic plan. Predictably, the commuters are complaining. Washington’s pedestrian death rate is higher than New […]