SmarTrip cards coming to CVS

A movie theater turned CVS in Brookland The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority will discuss a proposal on Thursday night that would allow 187 DC CVS pharmacies to sell SmarTrip cards. The cards would run $10 each ($5… Read More

Metro discontinues paper bus transfers

Prepare to say goodbye to paper bus transfers–WMATA will be scrapping those on January 4th. “Bus drivers will no longer hand out paper transfers, and machines that dispense paper rail-to-bue transfers inside Metro stations will be removed,” DCist’s… Read More

What do John McCain and the Silver Line have in common?

A Metro map with the proposed Silver line It’s looking increasingly less likely that either of them will be spending the next four years in the D.C. Metro area. The oft-debated Metro line to Dulles International Airport was… Read More

Student Metro passes? Either way, you pay

The chance that college students will get student Metro passes are better than ever. In response to the news, GW’s student body Executive Vice President Kyle Boyer emailed the Georgetown University Lobbying Association’s Andrew D’Souza (SFS `11), urging… Read More

3 problems with GUTS buses

As buses go, GUTS buses aren’t that bad. They’re a convenient way to get from Georgetown to the Metro; they run fairly regularly on weekdays; and they’re free—a ride on the DuPont GUTS bus combined with a brisk… Read More

Five feet high and rising? Take the Metro.

In case of emergency, hop the Blue Line. In a report on public transportation helping cities cope with catastrophes, the Transportation Research Board, whose members have clearly never tried to Metro their way to Rosslyn after a basketball… Read More

Maryland students unite to avoid District

Metro map with proposed silver and purple lines University of Maryland-College Park students have formed a new campus organization in hopes of drumming up support for the Purple Line, a proposed Metro line that would connect the Red,… Read More

Automatic, systematic, hydromatic, and out of gas

The Post pulled their best Martin Short impression yesterday, masterfully disguising a ‘whose mommies and daddies pay for gas?’ street poll as news today. The article details the trials and tribulations of inane District teens who are “feeling… Read More

Fenty protects us from commuters

It’s just as we pedestrians suspected all along. All those caffeinated attorneys and government drones in Volvos are out to get us–and not just with lawsuits and taxes. They’re using their cars, and Mayor Fenty’s fighting back with… Read More

Convenient inter-city bus service lives

Washington’s Department of Transportation plan to move inter-city buses like DC2NY and Chinatown buses to L’Enfant Plaza has been suspended. Good news for anyone interested in convenient bus pick-ups or having an excuse to visit Chinatown’s Fuddruckers. Via… Read More