30s is the new 20: bus routes get better

Catching any of the 30s buses along Wisconsin used to be like catfish noodling–it takes time, and once you stick your hand in, there’s no telling what’ll chomp down. That might change now that Metro revamped the line… Read More

Virginia: 21, Georgetown: 0

Metro announced plans this week to add a Yellow/Blue Line stop in Alexandria, between the existing National Airport and Braddock Road stations. The new stop, called Potomac Yard, would bring Virginia’s total number of stations to 21 on… Read More

The cheapest bus ride I’ll ever take

I just bought a ticket to New York City (the first leg of my trip home to Connecticut) aboard BoltBus, the newest arrival on the DC-NYC bus scene, and it felt great. BoltBus’s claim to fame is its… Read More

Greyhound’s brand of highway robbery

Personally, I had thought the days of “Caveat Emptor” were far behind us. Warranties, insurance, refunds, and receipts–it’s impossible for a corporation to steal from one of the little people these days, isn’t it? I must have gotten… Read More