Twuesday Tweetacular: Escape from Cleveland

  LeBron James may be the only person to ever voluntarily return to the city of Cleveland. — Georgetown Heckler (@GtownHeckler) July 11, 2014 Georgetown Heckler is almost exactly correct with this one: Vox‘s roommate is the only… Read More

Twuesday Tweetacular: In da Village A club

If I do my practicum at Georgetown I’m going to ask Mr. Prez if I can stay at the White House for a semester. — Sheena Petty (@VivaLaSheena) June 10, 2014 I’m sure he’d love to have you,… Read More

Twuesday Tweetacular: Lost in Georgetown

Good to see @Georgetown getting some credit for its willingness to fail. Proud of our work. #innovation — Z. Michael Wang (@zmwang) June 3, 2014 Z. Michael Wang is happy to see Georgetown getting some credit for… Read More


Twuesday Tweetacular: A practical lesson in gastronomy

This bag of pinto bean-based, gluten-free tortilla chips smells like farts and tastes like sadness and self-denial. Who would *choose* this? — ANNA ⚓ JOHN (@suitablegirl) May 27, 2014 Although Vox is no expert in the culinary arts,… Read More


Twuesday Tweetacular: A tribute to curdled milk and cooked sausage

Seasoned travelers (daughters) say Sabra doesn’t put enough pretzel chips in cup to eat w/ their single-serve hummus.— Scott Simon (@nprscottsimon) April 22, 2014 Said travelers were also heard complaining about receiving only three slices of questionable cheese… Read More


Twuesday Tweetacular: Public herb dispensers and unspeakable precipitation

Colorado gets first marijuana vending machine— FOX 5 DC (@fox5newsdc) April 15, 2014 The only way Colorodans will be even more excited about this is if they installed a cupcake ATM right next to it. I got… Read More


Twuesday Tweetacular: There is a ten in one chance you know a nesting doll

This year I’m making only one resolution…. to try to remember at least one I made last year.— Just For Laugh (@justforIaugh) April 7, 2014 Vox sadly failed her only new year’s resolution to never be a sell-out…… Read More


Twuesday Tweetacular: Some students like Italian food

“Sir, you’re in the bike lane” “Fuck you” Ah, the sounds of spring in #bikedc — sharrowsDC (@sharrowsDC) April 1, 2014 Nothing says springtime in D.C. like a friendly Civil War between bikers and every other mode of… Read More


Twuesday Tweetacular: A case of the midterm melancholies

Do you think purgatory is a lot like waiting for the transfer at metro station?— Maggie Larkin (@RomeIfYouWantTo) March 25, 2014 If Maggie thinks that is purgatory, then standing in the wok line at Leo’s during rush hour… Read More


Twuesday Tweetacular: A plethora of excuses for drinking

I’m not wearing green, and if you pinch me I will knock you the fuck out. I think that is way more Irish than wearing green. — Sean Patton (@mrseanpatton) March 18, 2014   Oh, but of course!… Read More