Twuesday Tweetacular: Don’t trust vegans…or Leo’s on a snow day

i don’t trust people who pronounce caramel like carmel— Teague Loughman (@teagadinho) March 4, 2014 According to a trusty online source, Vox also discovered more people who you should be suspicious of…including, but not limited to: vegans, Romanians… Read More


Twuesday Tweetacular: A whole lotta House of Cards and a dash of sarcasm

Google search query: “how to gently tell a friend you don’t give a shit about house of cards” — emily (@_shusui) February 25, 2014 Emily, one simply does not tell a friend she doesn’t “give a shit” about… Read More


Twuesday Tweetacular: Badass presidents and First World poetry

Instead of going to the grocery store, I’m having a pointless political discussion on Facebook. #freedom— Michael Scott (@irrationalratio) February 17, 2014 As Michael points out, nothing quite says freedom like having to decide between a trip to… Read More


Twuesday Tweetacular: Love (and tears and Nutella) is in the air

Goodnight Monday. Go fuck yourself forever.— The Iron Sheik (@the_ironsheik) February 11, 2014 In keeping with the spirit of Valentine’s Day, The Iron Sheik pays a loving tribute to the best night of the week. When your room… Read More

Twuesday Tweetacular: Crazed canadians and nesting doll races

I think it’s neat that we can see a star 13.7 billion light years away but still rely on a rodent to tell us how much longer winter will be.— White Whine (@RuPancakes) February 3, 2014 RuPancakes, Vox… Read More

Twuesday Tweetacular: Winter will not have our pizza

While Lexie might be guilty of conspiring to commit murder, at least she’s not the only Georgetown affiliate who’s plotting an assassination of someone in the District. Georgetown Hot Mess isn’t the only one who’s feeling lazy. Vox spent… Read More

Twuesday Tweetacular: The fantastic fall finale

Ben is unapologetically realist when it comes to finals study spots. Deep down, Maddi probably didn’t have any sympathy for Taylor Swift…

Twuesday Tweetacular: Hoyas on the verge of insanity

Chelsea is probably immensely jealous of the penguin onesie the person next to her is wearing. Samin just cannot deal with witnessing the limits of the human brain. And for a Georgetown student, the limits are already quite high. Whoa,… Read More

Twuesday Tweetacular: Tales of Thanksgiving dinner recoveries

El Papí discovers what that mysterious pumpkin pie on the dinner table was really made out of. In the world of Andrea‘s sister, Leo’s would be desperately trying to take even more money from you: “21-meal weekly plans: buy one, get… Read More

Twuesday Tweetacular: Hoyas catching fire

Vail learns the ways to diplomatically make fun of China, run by a country of men with hair dyed jet-black and perfectly ironed crimson ties. At least Voice staff writer Grace didn’t put on poofy dresses, butterfly eyelashes, technicolor hair, and a… Read More