Georgetown previews new website, will officially launch in two weeks

Yesterday, Georgetown launched the beta version of its long-awaited, redesigned website. As the University’s first redesign since 2002, the preview has a whole lot of new features, including navigation pathways for highly trafficked information and a footer bar… Read More

Georgetown website debuts beta campus map, still no launch date

The long-awaited University website redesign is making strides toward finishing soon. Yet, its launch date is still unknown. Rumors on HoyaTalk suggest that the site is scheduled to launch in late October or early November. In an email… Read More

This week in the Voice: The best of Georgetown

After a marathon production night, the first Fall issue of the Voice hit stands this earlier today. In Features, a whole bunch of staff members ran down the best of Georgetown. Curious to know where you should barricade… Read More

EXCELLENT NEWS: Georgetown to offer wireless access in all dorms

Remember when we declared that “Georgetown is still not even close to being a totally-wireless campus?” Boy, were we wrong. Over the next academic year, University Information Services (UIS) will overhaul the network infrastructure of Alumni Square, Copley… Read More

Networking consortium names Georgetown CIO as President and CEO

Say goodbye to the man responsible for Georgetown’s wireless internet problems. Earlier this week, the Sacramento Bee reported that David Lambert, Georgetown’s Chief Information Officer and Vice President of Information Services, will leave the University to become the… Read More

MSB finally gets Gmail—and it’s way nicer than everyone else’s

A year after the other schools jumped on the Gmail bandwagon, the McDonough School of Business is making the switch to Google-provided email. And, in the long tradition of MSBers getting way nicer stuff than everyone else, their… Read More

UIS completes massive data transfer to help Haiti rebuild

Say what you will about University Information Services. Recently, in a period of four days, they transferred 1.2 terabytes of data—or 1.2 million books, or 12 percent of the Library of Congress—containing satellite images and “aerial geographical data”… Read More

UIS hoping to form working group on adding Google Apps to Hoyamail

Someday… When it was announced that the new Gmail-run Hoyamail system wouldn’t include any of Google’s bells and whistles like GChat, Google Calendar and Google Docs, UIS Director Beth Ann Bergsmark said that a working group would be… Read More

Twuesday Tweetacular: UIS is a Gmail tease

Paul Courtney was not pleased with UIS’s decision to give us poor man’s Gmail. Patrick Go has more faith in Google’s ability to protect sensitive info than Georgetown’s (wonder why…).

UIS explains why we’re getting minimalist Gmail

Last week, University Information Services gave us some more details of the upcoming switch to Gmail-backed Hoyamail. Just as you were getting giddy about leaving antiquated GUMail behind forever, though, there was this disconcerting announcement: Hoyamail is only… Read More