Twuesday Tweetacular: Underwhelmed by UIS

Want a shot at your own 15 seconds of internet micro-micro-fame? Start following us on Twitter (GtownVoxPop) and, if you’re connected to Georgetown, we’ll return the favor and you’ll automatically be in the running! Nick Troiano was unimpressed… Read More

Monday Madlibs: E-mail Emancipation

Last week, we learned that UIS will finally be making the switch to GMail by the end of the summer. How would you have made the long-awaited announcement? Create a story for “E-mail Emancipation” Adverb Plural Noun Company… Read More

UIS: “I have some good news, and I have some bad news…”

So you won’t be getting any email for a few days… but you will be getting Google! After a couple obligatory delays (first we were told “early January,” then “by the end of the school year”), it looks… Read More

Nevermind about that whole switching to Gmail before graduation thing…

Someday… Way back in October, the University announced its intention to scrap its dated GUMail system for students and switch to Google Apps for Education. They predicted the move would be done by January or February. Everyone rejoiced!… Read More

Georgetown hopes to revamp website by next year

The computer the current website was designed on Been getting that annoying survey pop-up every time you visit the Georgetown website? Thankfully, it’s actually for the greater good. Yes, the University is finally updating their antiquated website! A… Read More

UIS and Conficker are not so bad

Eat it, Conficker This evening, UIS sent out an email warning students about the much-hyped internet worm known as Conficker. Techies worldwide fear that this bug, which is really, really well designed and may “go live” tomorrow and… Read More

Georgetown’s “new” technology: MyAccess sucks access

The fellows at UIS examine a curious series of tubes Let’s face it: Georgetown and technology don’t tend to get along (the Voice‘s printer printer is defunct and its office is computer graveyard, we’re never getting campus-wide WiFi,… Read More

Where’s the GMail?: New email system takes UIS longer than expected

They’re working on it, ok? Last fall, Georgetown University’s Information Services announced that it would enlist the help of Google to create a new e-mail service. At the time, UIS predicted that the switch would occur in early… Read More

Georgetown UIS: Yes, we have no Windows 7 beta support

InformationWeek lit up the web this weekend with the news that Georgetown University is banning the use of Windows 7 beta, the trial version of Windows’s new operating system that will be available until February 10. While UIS… Read More

Faculty, MSB left out of Gmail switch

Faculty and staff won’t be part of Georgetown’s switch to Google Apps, according to UIS Director Beth Ann Bergsmark. They’ll be getting new GUMail accounts with 250 megabytes of storage instead. The MSB is also left out, at… Read More