ICC computers mostly fixed for Gmail

Looks like the problem of ICC computers not loading Gmail is mostly resolved. I got an email this morning from UIS saying all the computers have been “reimaged” and are now able to log in, except for one… Read More

GUMail update happening in late October…for faculty

The switch to the new and improved GUMail (250 megabytes!) will happen in late October for faculty and staff. No word on when students will get theirs, but you shouldn’t be too upset that you have to wait–staff… Read More

UIS has the worst advice

There are a lot of good reasons to have a Mac–better wireless access, better design, or Final Cut Pro. There is also one awful, lazy reason: being afraid of viruses. Before I came to college, three recent Mac… Read More

We don’t need no education (on Facebook)

The items that show up in your Facebook news feed fall into one of three categories: interesting (your ex’s relationship status changes), sort of interesting (your housemate posts new photos), and not at all interesting (someone you knew… Read More

UIS: Silly students, email is for faculty

The offending email that went out a few hours ago: Dear students, At the end of July and the beginning of August, University Information Services will be moving faculty and staff to a separate e-mail system. We will… Read More