Georgetown’s new non-profit bakery has an admirable mission

The Georgetown neighborhood welcomes Dog Tag Bakery, a non-profit organization that strives to help veterans reintegrate into society after their service in the U.S. Armed Forces. Led by Fr. Richard Curry, S.J. of Georgetown University, the organization has created a new model for transition and assistance through job training for veterans and their spouses who […]

Hoya writes for New York Times blog about life as student veteran

Thomas Gibbons-Neff (COL ’15), a student veteran, knew transitioning to life at Georgetown wouldn’t be easy. “I was preparing for Georgetown University’s New Student Orientation, my first official re-entry into academia and a day of assemblies and awkward greetings with a bunch of kids who would have been barely teenagers when I was spending my […]

This week in the Voice: Veterans at Georgetown

This week in Features, Galen Weber looks into the state of veterans’ affairs at Georgetown, and the lack of a University support system. “We’ve done the easy things,” Colby Howard, vice president of Georgetown University Student Veterans of America, said. “The harder steps are next. The harder steps are institutionalizing the veterans’ presence on campus, […]

Siblings end 185-mile charity run on Copley Lawn

Seven months, 2200 miles of training, and eight pairs of shoes later, two U.S. Navy sailors completed a grueling run to fund raise for charity at a ceremony on Copley Lawn on Saturday. Petty Officer First Class Clay Anderson and his sister Petty Officer First Class Ashley Anderson spent the last week running the 185-mile […]

In a new theater class, Father Richard Curry will help veterans cope with war

A new kind of drama class is coming to Georgetown—only this one won’t sell tickets and perform in the Gonda Theater. Father Richard Curry, S.J., a current teacher on a course in theater and Catholic imagination, has plans to create an academy at Georgetown for disabled war veterans from Walter Reed and Bethesda that will […]

Veterans Day panel discusses Georgetown’s civil-military divide

Moderator Thomas Ricks For Veterans Day this year, a panel featuring Pulitzer Prize-winning military journalist Thomas Ricks, security studies students, a member of Georgetown’s ROTC, and student-veterans discussed the divide on campus between members of the military and the civilians they fight on behalf of. The student-veterans—Colby Howard (SFS ’11), who served as a Marine […]

Backlog at VA leads to delayed tuition payments for student veterans

Uncle Sam: not so great at doling out cash The new GI Bill greatly expanded the benefits available to student-veterans this year, which is awesome.  Unfortunately, the Department of Veterans Affairs has been overwhelmed by new applicants and there have been large-scale delays in processing tuition, housing, and text-book payments, the Washington Post reported over […]

New GI Bill not so helpful for veterans attending D.C. colleges

As we wrote last week, Georgetown has agreed to participate in the Ribbon program, a voluntary part of the new GI Bill—which goes into effect in August—that provides tuition assistance to veterans.  Veterans who come to Georgetown as undergraduate students, for example, will receive $1,000 from the University, a matching $1,000 from the Department of […]

Georgetown devoting more than $2 million to Yellow Ribbon program

A few weeks ago, we found out that Georgetown was going to be participating the Yellow Ribbon program, a voluntary tuition assistance program for veterans. The program allows private colleges to enter into dollar-for-dollar matching agreements with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to help cover tuition expenses that exceed the highest in-state tuition rate […]

Memorial Day: Remembering Joseph Mark Lauinger

On this Memorial Day, we’d like to spend a little time remembering one of the many Georgetown alumni who gave his life for our country. Joseph Mark Lauinger was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma on July 5, 1945 to a family with a long-standing connection to Georgetown. His grandfather, Frank T. Lauinger, studied law at Georgetown […]

Georgetown will participate in Yellow Ribbon Program

Georgetown will be participating in the Yellow Ribbon Program, a new, voluntary tuition assistance program for veterans attending private colleges and universities, according to University spokesperson Andy Pino. The program, created under the new G.I. Bill, allows private colleges to enter into dollar-for-dollar matching agreements with the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs to cover tuition […]