Georgetown Solidarity protests its way onto Channel 8

Look for full coverage, including the results of Georgetown’s Licensing Oversight Committee meeting, in Voice News this Thursday.

More “spotted”: Joe Biden goes to church in Georgetown

On Sunday Joe Biden went to church at St. Ignatius Loyola (the church across the street from Nevils—and where JFK attended Mass). Tens of students heard the rumor and lay in wait for the VP-elect, including one very… Read More

Lost in Migration: Nepalese workers stuck in Qatar

Lost in Migration from Omar Khalifa on Vimeo. Couldn’t get enough of last week’s cover story about Qatari immigrant workers? Via Jeff Reger, that article’s writer, here’s a documentary about some Nepalese workers who came to Qatar for… Read More

College Democrats go crazy with Obama win

Sellinger Lounge exploded yesterday after TV news networks projected Barack Obama the next president.

“They can go from 0 to hate crime in 3.5 seconds”

The good folks at the Heckler have a new issue that includes the above video (a tutorial on eating) and a moving poem by Jack DeGioia: i hate doing work he thought why can’t i be in china… Read More

Uncle Sam wants YOU to vote for Obama

Voice blogger Amanda Summers-Plotno found Uncle Sam roaming around the White House and asked him a couple questions.  He was very coherent for someone with an elaborate theory about the proper orientation of a peace sign, and he… Read More

Kenner Summer League Quarterfinals: Clyde’s falls, Beasley impresses

With the score tied and 2.8 seconds on the clock, Austin Freeman, dressed in Clyde’s unfortunate purple uniform, squared up at the free throw line. Then the 82% free throw shooter did something he rarely does: he missed…. Read More

It’s not Hoya Paranoia if someone’s out to get you

R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr. is out to prove that gossip and personal attacks on classmates don’t have to end upon graduation. A Georgetown alum and the founder of the conservative publication The American Spectator, he’s distilled his disgust… Read More

Catholics flock to Democrats

Though he hasn’t experienced Catholic guilt or weekly confessions, Barack Obama has American Catholics on his side, according to a Georgetown survey. 21% of Catholics identified with the Republican Party in 2008, compared to 41% in 2004. In… Read More

Patrick Ewing Jr. is a YouTube star

Patrick Ewing Sr. may have led the Hoyas to a national championship and dominated the NBA for 17 years. As of today, though, Patrick Ewing Jr. has surpassed his father in at least one area: YouTube stardom. Ewing… Read More