Celebrities love Obama, too

Below is a new video featuring Will.i.am of the Black Eyed Peas, among others, that splices clips of Barack Obama speaking with various beautiful people who apparently all support him. Worth a look if you like a) Politicians… Read More

Kennedy Endorses Obama at AU

Senator Ted Kennedy announced his endorsement for Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama at a packed arena at American University on Monday, saying he sensed a “kind of yearning today‚Ķ[a] kind of hunger to move on and move… Read More

Top 5 Hoya Hoop Videos on YouTube

To behold the might of Hoya basketball, Georgetown students merely need to flip on ESPN on game-day or head down to the Verizon Center if it’s a home game. Unfortunately, even during basketball season, game-day only comes once… Read More

Bluegrass State, rest of freedom-loving world votes blue

Turns out Bush is ruining it for Republicans on days you didn’t even know there were elections. Democrat Steven Beshear unseated Republican Governor Ernie Fletcher in Kentucky, and Satan is being fitted for a fur coat. Locally, Dems… Read More

The Loneliest Sidewalk