Behold your ginger master, Vox Populi

I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. Like the Voice‘s own version of Joseph Stalin, I bided my time on the outskirts of the party leadership, carefully planning the day I would rise up and seize power for myself. And now that day has come. I, Ryan Greene, am the new editor of Vox Populi. […]

You’re all mine now, Vox

As Overlordess Julia “TB” Tanaka moves on to bigger and better things (Managing Editor of the Voice), I will now succeed her as ruler of Vox, King of the Iron Throne.* That is my official title, and yes, ruling Vox, is basically as dangerous and life-threatening as being Lord of the Seven Kingdoms in Game of Thrones. But […]

I knew you were trouble

Listen. I don’t know if you know how comfortable you can get on that couch in UG, but my main achievement running Vox has been discovering the beauty of that particular napping spot. (A chair by the GUSA office in Sellinger will work in a pinch.) A couple other things have happened since I was elected […]

Hello, world.

Hello, populi of Vox! Over my many years as a student and writer, I’ve come to realize that generic introductions are the bane of most people’s existences, so I’ll spare you. I’ve been graciously handed the keyboard keys to the gates of Vox Populi. I’ve reported before for this blog, as well as done the […]

Well, that’s it for me, Vox

This is it for me, Vox. I was elected five months ago, so now it’s time for me to sashay away. Sometimes in the course of the semester, what we cover is really exciting, and, other times, it’s painfully, painfully boring. For instance, every week Vox covers what our favorite campus leaders talk about at […]

Well, Vox, it looks like it’s just us now

As the illustrious reign of Voxy Gurl comes to an abrupt end, readers will surely ask themselves “Why did she have to leave us so soon? Who will feed our internets!?” While readers and Vox-ers alike cope with their feelings of abandonment, from the green chair in Leavey 424, a new Vox editor is elected. […]

Spotted: new Vox editor takes the reins, leaves the cannoli

New Vox matriarch here. Your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Georgetown’s elite. My right-hand muckrakers, assistant blog editors Connor Jones and Morgan Manger, will be lurking the grounds of Red Square, Copley Lawn, and Leavey esplanade for the latest on midget tossing with President DeGioia and lazy students who can’t manage to do their own […]

There’s never a right time to say goodbye

Since I took over Vox in November, we’ve been through a lot. Now, alas, our time together has come to an end. Come Monday, Vox will have new masters. Since I’m not one for teary goodbyes, let’s just remember what the last five months have given us. Barely 48 hours after I figured out WordPress […]

Vox, I am your father

After Leigh’s illustrious reign ended last Friday, you were all definitely waiting with bated breath for word of her replacement and wondering, “Who’s the handsome and winningly humble stallion who thinks he can run Vox Populi next?” Well, wait no longer! I’m that stallion. But call me Jackson. Or Ace. I answer to both. Taking over […]

It’s not you, Vox Populi, it’s me

Yesterday, Demi Moore announced that she and Ashton Kutcher are officially ending their six-year marriage. Tragedies like this make us realize the sad reality that most relationships, no matter how perfect, must eventually end. And so, it is with the deepest sadness that I tell the wonderful, trusty readership of Vox Populi that I’m breaking […]

Let’s make this a threesome

Elections are done. The Voice has spoken: Geoffrey Bible will now write Saxa Politica, a print column about on-campus politics, and Nico Dodd will be our Contributing Editor. But then who will keep you from paying attention in class? Who will brighten your life with all the news that you need, and some that you […]