Voice‘s On-Campus Choices: Politics and prose

Election Night Results Watch This year may not be one of “change” and “hope,” but that doesn’t mean that Georgetown students won’t be paying attention to the polls this Tuesday, November 3rd. If you’re one of those very… Read More

Voices On-Campus Choices: Halloween happenings

It’s that time of year again! The Exorcist Almost a prerequisite to attending Georgetown University is having seen the movie The Exorcist, which is filmed largely around Georgetown’s campus and has made notorious that set of stairs that… Read More

Voice‘s On-Campus Choices: Paris, politics, Potter and more

This, but on your coffee table. A Celebration of Paris Coffee table books are known for a few things. They’re known for their bargain prices at retailers like Barnes and Noble and for either placing together images of… Read More

Voice‘s On-Campus Choices: Opening Pandora’s box

Pandora The internet and music are completely inseparable mediums at this point. With websites like MySpace and MTV getting exclusive chances to drop the next big songs, it’s no wonder that radio has made the crossover, too. There… Read More

Voice‘s On-Campus Choices: Health Care and Harmony

Okay… maybe not. But a pretty damn good alternative. Health Care Debate Want to see Georgetown’s budding politicos in fighting form?  Head over to White Gravenor 201A to witness the College Democrats going head-to-head with the College Republicans… Read More

Voice‘s On-Campus Choices: Two households, both alike in dignity…

*DiCaprio and Danes’s roles may be filled by understudies Romeo & Juliet The Department of English at Georgetown University, in collaboration with The American Shakespeare Center, presents Shakespeare’s well known Romeo and Juliet. You’ll get to see a… Read More

Voice‘s On-Campus Choices: Revolutionary!

The revolution is now televised. Belarus Free Theatre This upcoming Tuesday and Wednesday, there will be a set of performances at the Davis Performing Arts Devine Studio Theatre under the guise of Belarus Free Theatre. These two productions… Read More

Voice’s On-Campus Choices: Best GPB event EVER!

This guy will be making sure that students are having the best week, ever. Best Comedy Show EVER! GPB has been doing a good job of giving students one of the Best Welcome Week(s) Ever. The week’s highlight,… Read More

Voice‘s On-Campus Choices: Get to know “The Daily Show”

Javerbaum (center) on the set of “The Daily Show” Editor’s Note: Welcome to the first edition of Voice‘s On-Campus Choices, a weekly roundup of the best on-campus events in the upcoming week. If there’s an event you’d like… Read More