Vox Gets Into Treble: Dancin’ the break away

Thanksgiving break is here! That means food, family, and several days off of school hometown raging. Get out there and gyrate on the dance floors with this fire mix of some of the best tracks Vox could think of. Live for… Read More

Vox Gets into Treble: Thankful for the beat

With Thanksgiving break coming up next week, Vox and most Georgetown students are grateful to have a pause, often spent with family and friends, before finals come into full swing. When Vox was in grade school teachers doled out that… Read More

Vox Gets Into Treble: Chill(y) music

With winter around the corner it’s time to keep it low key. As the temperature drops later this week, bunker down for the final stretch of the semester with some chill tracks. Thanksgiving break is only two weeks… Read More

Beastie Boys

Vox Gets Into Treble: The weird world of rap-rock

Blending the slick beats and swift vocals of rap with the aggressive instrumentation of rock, the musical mode known, rather uncreatively, as “rap-rock” tends to repel fans of either genre as often as it attracts. Encompassing polished mash-ups… Read More

Vox Gets Into Treble: ~Spooky monster music~

Vox isn’t usually a huge fan of remixes, but on the occasion that she’s looking for a new twist on a song she generally turns to the great, rolling expanse of artistry on SoundCloud. If you’re looking to get… Read More

Vox Gets Into Treble: Voice fashion week

You know it’s October when the Voice, hot off the presses, arrives on the Hilltop to show you the hippest trends for F/W14. You know who’s clearly been paying attention to us? Kimye, obviously. But don’t stress—we know you can’t… Read More

Vox Gets Into Treble: The worst day of the year

Hey, Oscar the Grouch, guess what today is? Here’s a clue: it’s National Grouch Day. Apparently, though, the only way to celebrate this (terrible) holiday is to not celebrate at all. It’s an awful day, a really huge… Read More

Vox Gets Into Treble: Beauty in disaster

Vox‘s mind is blown. Last Friday, Billboard published this utterly, completely, mind-blowing and nuts interview with music legend Stevie Nicks. This article is crazy. But, for those of you who don’t know about the perfection and genius that is Fleetwood Mac,… Read More

Vox Gets Into Treble: The Slashie Awards

Back when No Doubt was still producing music and VH1 was culturally relevant, the television station co-hosted a fashion awards ceremony with Vogue that was forever commemorated in the 2001 movie Zoolander. From Inside, Fabio accepts the “Slashie” award for… Read More

Vox Gets Into Treble: Put it in the hoop like slam

You’ve arrived on the Hilltop and you’re no longer the smartest kid in class. From high school senior, on top of the world (not to mention the food chain), you’re back on the bottom rung. You probably don’t even stand… Read More