Breaking: Vox no longer loves snow

This image is representative of how Vox feels about snow storms after this winter. Vox had a lovely time playing at the beach over break and was saddened to return to this mushy, sloshy mess, which wasn’t even messy enough… Read More

no snow day

Winter storm to dump massive amounts of snow, everyone already losing their shit

Vox is excited to go out and build her second snow man tomorrow Update 10:55 pm: Vox has stopped doing homework since classes are officially cancelled for tomorrow! Update 4:49 pm: According to a HOYAlert, the University will be closed at 8… Read More


Vox and friends build a snowman

Update 5:15 pm: Some terrible, terrible person knocked down our beloved snowman. Original Post: Vox went and played in the snow and made her first snowman ever, with the help of other Floridians, a few South Americans, a kid from… Read More


Georgetown students wake up to lovely news: The University is, in fact, closed

Georgetown students all around campus woke up this morning to see that lovely, lovely message that the University is closed, then proceeded to immediately go back to sleep. Vox was extra relieved, as she didn’t do any of her… Read More