Vox Pupuli: Golden retriever puppy spotted fleeing Lau

STAHP THAT As finals loom on the horizon, the atmosphere in and around Lau is getting increasingly oppressive. That’s probably why Stella, this golden retriever puppy that Vox came across at the bottom of Lau steps this afternoon, couldn’t get away… Read More

Vox Pupuli: Stay gold, Ponyboy

Golden Retrievers Bentley and Sky were out for a walk near Georgetown when Izzy, Assistant Vox Editor, came upon them. They posed very nicely for her, and then went on to wrestle each other.

Vox Pupuli: the Twilight edition

Vox encountered Bella out on a stroll on the Leavey Bridge this afternoon. The Pomeranian was more interested in food than the camera, but I managed to snap her en route to my bag of bagels.

Vox Pupuli: Lele, the dolled up poodle out for an afternoon walk

Look, she’s excited to meet you, Vox!

Vox Pupuli: Beagle puppy spotted in the sun on Healy lawn

CYOOT Voice leisure editor and regular Pupuli correspondent Julia Lloyd-George spotted Cyrus enjoying the (finally) warm weather on Healy Lawn this afternoon. No word yet on whether Cyrus is named for the Persian monarch or the Country music… Read More

Vox Pupuli: Walk softly and chew a big stick

Bo, not to be confused with the First Dog of the same name, was playing around with his owner on the front lawn when the Voice‘s Backpage Editor Tiffany Lachhonna happened to walk by. He couldn’t be more… Read More

Vox Pupuli: Meet Zed, the fearsome belgian shepherd

Vox is happy to introduce Zed, the energetic Belgian Malinois that she met Saturday afternoon in Red Square. His owners live in DuPont and named Zed for New Zealand, where one of his owners is originally from. The… Read More

Vox Pupuli: Some conservative Scotties out for a stroll about the town

Earlier today, Voice Leisure Editor Julia Lloyd-George happened upon Reese and Laura on Prospect St. Laura, the white dog in the background, was named for former first lady Laura Bush, a friend of the dog’s owner.

Vox Pupuli: Meet Nutella, the sweet poodle mix out for a jaunt in Red Square

Vox stumbled upon Nutella playing in Red Square the other day. The cocker spaniel – poodle mix is only a few years old and could hardly sit still enough to take a photo. We at Vox have been… Read More

Vox Pupuli: Jack the Bulldog recovers from surgery

Our Hoya mascot Jack the Bulldog is reportedly now active and recovering from ACL surgery. In March, Father Christopher Steck reported that Jack injured himself while jumping on a couch. It’s good to have you back, Jack. Keep… Read More