Vox Pupuli: Two for the price of one

This week, Vox Pupuli brings you a photo submitted by Voice Cover Editor Iris Kim. She found these pooches tied up outside Saxby’s last week, thought they were blog-worthy, and everyone at Vox agreed. If you see any… Read More

Vox Pupuli: The triumphant return

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. We know it was a long, puppy-less summer at Vox, for which I take full blame—I went home, and just couldn’t justify posting pictures of dogs from suburban New York… Read More

Vox Pupuli: Who doesn’t love a corgi russell terrier?

It’s been a big week for Vox Pupuli. First off, a former top dog made headlines for spurring an investigation into Georgetown counterfeit sellers. The other big news? Well, it’s that this week’s puppy is absolutely freaking adorable…. Read More

Former “Vox Pupuli” dog fights Georgetown counterfeiters

Move over, Underdog, there’s a new crime-fighting beagle in town. And no offense, but this one’s a lot cuter. In our inaugural edition of Vox Pupuli, we posted a picture of an adorable beagle that we found amid a… Read More

Vox Pupuli: Summertime pups

This week, we have the first of our guest photographers contributing to Pupuli. Big thanks to Nico Dodd, who contributed our winning puppy pic for the first week of summer dogs. This adorable hound was right outside Wisemillers… Read More

Vox Pupuli: Finals Weimaraner

If you’re like me, you’ve spent a lot of your finals week sitting out on the lawn, soaking up the good weather and trying to make sense of a semester’s worth of notes that consist largely of doodles…. Read More

Vox Pup-uli: The week’s top Georgetown dog

Here at Vox, we cover a lot of ground: Campus plan snafus, free food, barroom trivia, and the like. But there’s always been something missing, some void in our Georgetown coverage that could be filled with something furry,… Read More