Wagner’s Liquor applies to stay open on Sundays

Looks like the D.C. Sunday liquor sales law will affect Georgetown after all. Although most Georgetown-area liquor stores don’t seem interested in selling their intoxicating wares on Sunday, Wagner’s Liquor, a student favorite, is among the 59 D.C…. Read More

Georgetown’s favorite booze

Georgetown Patch recently asked local liquor stores what their highest selling brands were, and received mixed results across the board. Since Georgetown is comprised of students and other, more prosperous residents, differing tastes are represented. It’s pretty clear… Read More

FDA bans caffeinated alcoholic drinks; college parties everywhere get more boring

Just like Philly P, parties with more than two kegs, and Dan Porterfield, another piece of college canon is leaving us for good. After a struggle led by pretty much everybody except college students, the Food and Drug… Read More