D.C. City Council asks Church to adopt GU medical coverage policy

At right,¬†David Catania As things stand, the Catholic Archdiocese of Washington, D.C. says it will have no choice but to abandon its contracts with the City if the December 1 vote on the D.C. City Council’s proposed same-sex marriage law is successful. The pulled contracts would have substantial consequences in D.C., as diocese-run “Catholic Charities,” […]

Georgetown professor defends D.C. Archdiocese’s anti-same-sex marriage moves

The Catholic Archdiocese of Washington provoked quite a stir this week when it announced that it would abandon its contracts with the city unless the D.C. Council changed its proposed same-sex marriage bill.¬† The church says that the bill could force it to extend employee benefits to same-sex married couples, so they would no longer […]