The Tombs is serving you secondhand meat, WCP reports

In middle school, we all learned about the Native American custom of not wasting a single part of a slain animal. Apparently, 1789′s relatively new executive chef Anthony Lombardo subscribes to that same idea, and is sticking parts of the animal not classy enough for 1789 into your Tombs menu. According to an article posted yesterday […]

WCP (and its readers) like us, they really like us

Washington City Paper’s Best of D.C. 2011 lets staff and reader picks for their favorite random spots in the District. Georgetown was home to three staff picks and six reader picks. Staff Picks Best Way-Far-Off-The-Beaten-Path Museum – National Pinball Museum Best Eatery to Attract Lemmings – Georgetown Cupcake Best Place to Buy a Bridesmaid’s Dress […]

Pancakes and clothing: The newest Georgetown business rumors

We bet you wake up every day and think, “If there’s one thing Georgetown’s missing, it’s pancakes. And if there’s two things Georgetown’s missing, it’s pancakes and another clothing store.” Well, today must be your lucky day. Last week, Washington City Paper‘s Lydia DePillis reported that former NFL defensive lineman Tyoka Jackson may open an […]

Washington City Paper to computerless District dwellers: Steal GU’s internet!

Pegged to the story of Eric Sheptock, a homeless man in D.C. who has blogged about homeless issues all the way to CNN, NPR, and the Washington Post, the Washington City Paper has put together a guide of where to go in the District to access the Internet for free if you don’t have a […]

Twuesday Tweetacular: Meaty!

Want a shot at your own 15 seconds of internet micro-micro-fame? Start following us on Twitter (GtownVoxPop) and, if you’re connected to Georgetown, we’ll return the favor and you’ll automatically be in the running! Former Voicer Phil Perry was impressed by JT Jr.’s patriotic lunch choice. Mara Hollander was unimpressed by the little store’s meat […]

The Sexual Conduct Policy that makes Georgetown’s condom ban look positively progressive

Abstinence or else! This week’s City Paper cover story focuses on our coreligionists at Catholic University and the implications of an alleged sexual assault for their extraordinarily doctrinaire sex policy. The ending focuses on an extremely disturbing case of alleged rape, but the bulk of the piece is spent detailing what exactly a sexual conduct […]

Student Newspapers dumped by the thousands at Catholic University

CUA Tower Blogs reports that unidentified perpetrators have destroyed, stolen, and tossed thousands of editions of its newspaper, The Tower. The comic shown above, which appeared in The Tower in response to an ongoing campus discussion about gay rights and the Catholic church, was taped to the door of The Tower‘s office, before which an […]

Georgetown is manliest among the thinkers

Who, Georgetown? You should totally date him. If you’ve been following Georgetown’s ascension through the manly ranks of the D.C. area, it’ll please you to hear that once City Paper’s Amanda Hess allowed that we out-manlied the Brookings Institute, we testosteroned past the Heritage Foundation in her Manliest in the D.C. Workplace bracket to become […]

Georgetown drubs Brookings in Manliest competition

“Bros before hos” In October, I used a method developed by City Paper’s Amanda Hess to see which Georgetown publication is manliest. Yesterday, Hess ran the numbers on the University administration and it’s almost a sweep for patriarchy: Though the mascot of D.C.’s most prestigious university, the Hoya (or “What”), reeks of namby-pamby intellectualism, its […]

City Paper’s parent company files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Creative Loafing, the national chain of alt-weeklies which purchased the Chicago Reader and the Washington City Paper in July 2007, is filing for bankruptcy.  CP editor Erik Wemple announced the news on City Desk, the City Paper‘s news blog, this morning. A corporate memo released this morning captured the rationale for the move: “The term […]

City Paper teams up with summer’s unfunniest movie, America’s unfunniest comedian

City Paper is hosting a Funniest College Video Contest, which sounds like a good idea until you learn that they’re co-hosting it with the inane American Pie/Old School rip-off College, and that the grand prize is 4 tickets to see Carlos Mencia live. At least the first 50 entries get free t-shirts. But seriously, CP? […]