Georgetown alum describes her ‘Life in a Cult’

In the middle of top student Jenny Hunter‘s (COL ’93) senior year at Georgetown, she was recruited by a classmate into a burgeoning Christian cult, the International Church of Christ. After years of participation, which included an arranged marriage to… Read More

Washingtonian follows the party around the District

Meanwhile, at the Washingtonian In its February issue, the Washingtonian has an article that chronicles the party scenes of five area colleges. It can be trite (the writers have either long since graduated or are trying hard to… Read More

Washingtonian gets into DC dating

How could you not date that smile? As a huge fan and sometime critic of journalistic interventions in the dating lives of the District’s singles, I’m pretty pumped about Washingtonian’s new Dating Diaries feature. After being introduced to… Read More