Vox will no longer acknowledge the snow

Vox is officially ending her weather coverage for the season by not acknowledging today’s weather-phenomenon-that-shall-not-be-named. She will not acknowledge said phenomenon in the future either. Vox, instead of going to class or acknowledging reality, plans on staying inside and… Read More

It’s Called a “Moon Halo”

Last night, you may have noticed the peculiar ring around the moon. According to Georgia State, that was a “moon halo” caused by refraction off stratospheric ice crystals. The Farmer’s Almanac would like to chip in that a… Read More

Thunderstorm fells trees, crushes cars in Burleith

This evening saw hurricane-like thunderstorms. In Burleith, the heavy rains and wind felled quite a few large trees, crushing some unfortunately parked cars. At one accident site (near the intersection of 37th and T Streets), the owner of… Read More

Are your graduation robes rain-proof?

We’ll weather the weather, whatever the weather, whether we like it or not! With Washington’s weather being rather schizophrenic as of late, we’re starting to worry if all the grand commencement ceremonies are going to be shipped indoors…. Read More

It’s not just you

It was cold today. Really cold. I’m not just saying that—it’s a fact. Well, it was published in the Washington Post, anyway. The floppy-haired weatherman on Channel 5 even said records might be set tonight. The historic low… Read More