A sneak peak at Georgetown University’s new and improved website

After collecting input from students and faculty about what they wanted out of a redesigned website and looking at boring wire frames, the Office of Communications, which is overseeing the redesign of Georgetown.edu, has finally received three full-on design concepts from its developer, Happy Cog. The concepts, entitled “Wayfinder,” “Clarity,” and “Warmth,” respectively, each feature […]

Georgetown drafts layout of its redesigned website

Georgetown is inching ever closer to a revamped website. Last time we checked in, they were collecting input from campus on what students and faculty wanted to see in the site’s first makeover in seven years. Now, the Office of Communications has finished the “research and discovery phase” of their project to redesign the outdated, […]

Georgetown launches blog about website redesign

The University’s Office of Communication has been working on a redesign of the University’s main website for a few months now, and they recently launched a blog to get feedback about georgetown.edu and issue updates about how the redesign is progressing. According to the blog’s first post, the website redesign team has heard from over […]

Lauinger finally gets a makeover

Lauinger Library finally got a spruce-up.  Unfortunately we’re not talking about the physical space—we’re talking about their web presence. Today, the library revealed its newly redesigned website, and it looks pretty snazzy. With a nice blue and gray wave theme, the new site features well organized sidebars and three separate search options on front page. […]

What’s up with the Hoya‘s website?

TheHoya.com in happier times… For the past couple weeks we’ve been wondering what’s going on with the Hoya‘s website. TheHoya.com has been displaying a variety of things—a standard issue “down for maintenance” message, ads for a web-hosting service and, briefly, their tech guy Ryan J. Zambon’s personal homepage—but not the actual Hoya website. Their website […]

The evolution of georgetown.edu

Earlier this week we learned that Georgetown will be revamping its archaic website next year (granted, in University-speak that could mean anything from next year to the year after current pre-frosh graduate, but progress nonetheless).  As a tribute, here’s a brief history of the Georgetown website, courtesy of the always entertaining internet archives. 1997-1999 Not […]

Georgetown hopes to revamp website by next year

The computer the current website was designed on Been getting that annoying survey pop-up every time you visit the Georgetown website? Thankfully, it’s actually for the greater good. Yes, the University is finally updating their antiquated website! A brief foray through the internet archives reveals it hasn’t been significantly updated since 2002 (for a little […]