GU Women of Color hosts “Race at Georgetown” to discuss race and privilege

Last Tuesday, Georgetown University’s Women of Color partnered with What’s a Hoya? to hold “Race at Georgetown”: a discussion on race, power, and privilege. Topics included “what is privilege” and “why don’t we talk about privilege”, bringing to… Read More

GUSA wraps up the first theme of What’s a Hoya? program

On Friday, GUSA concluded its ‘Women and Men for Others’ program, the first of three themes in its What’s a Hoya? program. The program rewards freshmen with housing points for showing up to educational seminars that are intended to… Read More

Throwing freshmen a bone, and also educating them on important Georgetown things

Freshmen can now receive extra housing points through the GUSA initiative What’s a Hoya?, which organizes seminars on educational topics for the Georgetown freshman as an extension of New Student Orientation. With housing points as an incentive for attendance, freshmen… Read More