Metro aims to improve cell phone coverage

Can you hear me now? Probably not if you are reading from one of Washington’s underground metro stations. Currently only Verizon and Sprint customers can make or receive calls, but according to the Post, hope may not be… Read More

Student Metro passes? Either way, you pay

The chance that college students will get student Metro passes are better than ever. In response to the news, GW’s student body Executive Vice President Kyle Boyer emailed the Georgetown University Lobbying Association’s Andrew D’Souza (SFS `11), urging… Read More

Five feet high and rising? Take the Metro.

In case of emergency, hop the Blue Line. In a report on public transportation helping cities cope with catastrophes, the Transportation Research Board, whose members have clearly never tried to Metro their way to Rosslyn after a basketball… Read More

Maryland students unite to avoid District

Metro map with proposed silver and purple lines University of Maryland-College Park students have formed a new campus organization in hopes of drumming up support for the Purple Line, a proposed Metro line that would connect the Red,… Read More

30s is the new 20: bus routes get better

Catching any of the 30s buses along Wisconsin used to be like catfish noodling–it takes time, and once you stick your hand in, there’s no telling what’ll chomp down. That might change now that Metro revamped the line… Read More

Virginia: 21, Georgetown: 0

Metro announced plans this week to add a Yellow/Blue Line stop in Alexandria, between the existing National Airport and Braddock Road stations. The new stop, called Potomac Yard, would bring Virginia’s total number of stations to 21 on… Read More