YouTopia: The schools you should be going to

Going back to school can be a drag. If you’re 12, you might get a new pair of shoes and a backpack out of the deal, but for the rest of us there’s no escaping the reality of… Read More

YouTopia: Biting the mouse that feeds you.

“Remember, the problem is not that people are stupid; the problem is that modems are cheap.” –Vince Sabio Stupid behavior is ubiquitous on YouTube, and it’s one of Youtopia’s raisons d’etre. Self-indulgent video diary? Check. Drunk history? Yep…. Read More

YouTopia: The only man who could make Walken dance

Between directing groundbreaking films like Being John Malkovich and Adaptation, backing well-known skate vids like Video Days and Yeah Right, and co-creating MTV’s Jackass, Spike Jonze has produced a few era-defining music videos in his time. This time… Read More

YouTopia: Holy molars, Batman!

Youtopia explores the wealth of trash and treasure available on Youtube and runs on Fridays. It used to exist in the print version of the paper, but that didn’t make any sense, so now it lives free on… Read More