Run for your life: the GUSA election takes to Youtube

By last night, each GUSA Executive campaign released at least one Youtube video. They range from the expected and mundane to the unexpected and amusing. Some prioritize messaging over cleverness, while others are clearly trying to make a… Read More

It’s official: Daniel LaMagna is the GUSA election’s Herman Cain

Vox loves GUSA elections. Full of semi-self-conscious pageantry and hilarious demonstrations of Hoyas’ varying skill levels with Final Cut Pro, the February presidential elections always offer a good laugh during the doldrums of winter. This year is no… Read More

Vox Talks returns: What do want from your GUSA President?

It’s been a while, but Vox Talks is back. Last Wednesday, we asked every student in Lauinger Library at 4:30 a.m. what they wanted from their GUSA President. Candidates, take heed!

Midnight Madness is here!

By now, you’ve all heard about Wale’s concert at Midnight Madness tonight. But, have you seen this spiffy YouTube video? At the very least, it doesn’t emphasize awkward cultish tendencies. Can’t make it to Midnight Madness? Don’t worry,… Read More

GUSA hopeful Bill Nelson concedes Senate election

“With no power comes no responsibility.” Although promising to live by these words that he attributed to Spiderman, Bill Nelson (COL ’11) conceded his run for the Georgetown University Student Association on Saturday. Nelson, who recently also lost… Read More

GU Pep Band Director moonlights as singer in cover band

Skip to 1:15 if you’re short on time. Trust us, it’ll be worth it. “PROFESSIONAL, EXTREMELY TALENTED, EXCITING AND A BLAST are a few words to describe BroadSound … perfect for your wedding, Bat or Bar Mitzvah, or… Read More

The mysterious case of the Georgetown students’ Key Bridge jump video

The remnants of the YouTube video in question A few weeks ago, Georgetown basketball blog Casual Hoya ran a post about a YouTube video of two male Georgetown students jumping off the Key Bridge into the Potomac River. … Read More

Georgetown YouTube Madness: GUSA

Like any good summer slacker, Vox spends plenty of time on YouTube. Which led us to wonder: is there a way to find the ultimate Georgetown YouTube video? With such a lofty goal, we’ve decided to hold the… Read More

The moans of a freshman, caught on Youtube

A Georgetown freshman moves into Village C, and discovers a heavy closet and a dim bathroom light. He does what anyone would do: make a Youtube video complaining about it, without any of that pesky “perspective” that has… Read More

Cover Story YouTube Extras

Jeff Reger takes us back a few decades this week in his cover story on musicians/songwriters/Georgetown professors Walter Egan and Bill Danoff. In case you haven’t read the cover and are wondering who Egan and Danoff are, no… Read More