Just cut it off, guys

A good fashion article has a way of convincing readers that if they pursue a certain sensibility in their accessory and apparel choices, they will have a more successful life. A bad fashion article dictates to readers exactly what the most current trends are, exactly what they should buy, and from where. Those most current trends are usually so very current that by the time the article goes to print, people are already moving on to the next big thang. This second type often even presumes to plant the seeds of addiction to material accumulation, in making such lists as “Fall Must-haves,” which should never be taken at their word.

But then there were cut-off jeans for boys.

This trend is not yet widespread enough to be considered mainstream, but the rapid turnaround of blogging enables a play-by-play take on its unfolding. “Cut-off jeans?” you say, “I’ve seen that… aren’t all the girls wearing shorts this season?” Why yes. But when we flip the gender, the context completely changes.

These cut-offs for men can be made in a variety of lengths, as long as the longest does not go beyond the knee. And they can be made to fall as high up the thigh as that man desires. The jeans are typically tight-fitting or at least streamlined, and should be cuffed for maximum expression of style. The great thing about these shorts is that every man already has them in his closet. They are already your favorite jeans; all it takes is a pair of scissors and some gumption. The second leg is always easier.

These cut-offs on men are not just this season’s way to cool down hot legs. These shorts mean so much more. Shorter and tighter clothing on men was avoided over the last decade as male wardrobes grew baggier, larger, and longer. The old double standard between the sexes became more pronounced, as women in more revealing clothes were judged more harshly on their bodily appearance than most men, who could hide behind bagginess. Now the tables are turning back, or at least leveling out, because now everyone’s legs and butts will be fair game.

Posted by Lauren Gaskill, Associate Editor

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