Since I Been Gone … Leo’s Edition

Made my first pilgrimage march of tears back to Leo’s today … what a ride. Sure, there are all the changes noted by Mr. Keller, but the first thing I noticed were the new giant blue cups, depicted here:
blue bucket

It’s only a matter of time until Leo’s has to hire lifeguards following the near-drowning of an unsuspecting freshman in one of these. And of course the cups are too big to fit on the tray return, another classic Leo’s maneuver. The area in front of the tray rack looked like beer pong leftovers from the Jolly Green Giant. By the way, I actually was able to jam mine on, you lazy jerks.

I also made use of the omelet station for my meal. Yup, omelets. at. dinner. Glad Leo’s finally tapped into that emerging market. I’ve long held that truth-in-advertising laws mandate calling the dining hall version “egg burritos,” since the meat and veggies are really just wrapped up in an egg condom. And just as messy when it breaks. Less babies, though. On an encouraging note, the salsa-type product is called ‘picante sauce.’ Well, I think it’s for me to brush with some ‘diente goo’ and go to ‘dormir furniture.’

Posted by Mike Stewart, Feature Editor

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