Hairy Stairs

The Voice’s long-simmering curiosity about the disgusting lumpy gray hair that seems to grow on the ceilings of stairwells inside campus buildings has reached its peak. Here’s an image of one particularly foul stairwell, straight from Leavey’s fourth floor…

hairy stairs 2

…and here’s a closeup of the noxious stuff.

hairy closeup 2

Certain reporters brave enough to grab a fistfull and rip it loose observe that it does indeed feel like some kind of hair, or maybe dead mold. Did some disgruntled Facilities workers plaster the stairwell ceilings of Georgetown with the contents of their industrial-size vacuum cleaners? Did you? Vox Populi is looking to you, the readers, for answers as to what this hair is, where it comes from, which campus building may have the hairiest stairs, and what should be done about its invasion.

Posted by Chris Norton, Editor in Chief

4 Comments on “Hairy Stairs

  1. wow…now that’s some hairy stairs! Respect…i particularly appreciated the way the photographer captured the real life hairiness of the stairs. don’t you stare at my hairy stairs. and she’s buying the hairy stairway to heaven. The cat crept into the crypt, crapped, then crept out again rather creepily. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!

  2. I fully concur with Mr McAle’s comments, with the exception of one small detail. It seems to me that it is not the STAIRS which are covered with the (fireproofing) ‘hair’, but the CEILINGS. I humbly suggest, therefore, that you rename this blog as ‘Hairy Ceilings’ to prevent the likes of Dingus and I becoming eternally confused when we decide to alight some REAL stairs (hairy or otherwise). I trust this will help you sort out your obviously addled brain.

  3. i am writing to you in order to stop this maddness! this ‘hairy stairs’ phenomena is geting out of control. i now sleep, eat and talk hairy stairs and feel this is non 2 gud 4 my already unstable state of mind :/ now there is a new phenomena known as the ‘hairy ceilings’ and its becoming all 2 much 4 me 2 comprehend. is ther a flight of hairy stairs that leads to the hairy room wit hairy ceilings and hairy walls? the very thort is hair-raising hairiness!!!!!! now thats sum REAL hairy shit

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