Famous people do it too

If you’re one of the five people (my editors included) who read Saxa Politica last week, you’ll know that I was ridiculously excited about Margaret Atwood’s visit to campus today. Not only did her talk not disappoint, but I actually got to meet her and ask her a few questions in the ICC elevator before the official lecture.

Maybe it was the fact that I already had blogging on the brain, but in my two minute interview I asked her how she thought the Internet had changed the state of reading and writing literature. Her response? “The Internet is a very literate form, of course … You’ve probably noticed these blogs that are everywhere…[they are] similar to the novels people used to write in the 18th century.”

Later, two friends and I crashed the lecture event in Gaston, and the technology question came up yet again. During the Q & A, a curious freshman asked Ms. Atwood whether she owns a TV. It turns out that she does, along with a DVD player, and she messes around online just like the rest of us. If a serious author uses the Internet as a procrastination technique, maybe it doesn’t kill as many brain cells as I thought.

But if Halo 2 is your thing, you’re still not off the hook. “I don’t play interactive video games,” Atwood said. “Yet.”

Posted by Anna Bank, Assistant News Editor

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