Hey, is that an election coming up?

D.C. is voting for a new mayor Tuesday, and it’s pretty much the only thing I’ve been thinking about for the past two weeks (shameless self-promotion alert). Here are a couple of things to chew on before the polls open:

1. The Washington Post’s endorsement: I’m not offering my own opinion, but the Post is a good paper. Of course, their editorial board has been a little loco lately, what with their Lieberman endorsement and all, and they also once endorsed Marion Barry. Lesson: draw your own opinions. But, hey, the Post is a good paper. Just saying.

2. A Washington Post op-ed running today (Monday) about how and why they endorse candidates. You may use this to illuminate your reading of the previous piece.

Also, for propriety’s sake, I should let you know I worked for Washington Post-Newsweek Interactive this summer. Still, it is a good paper. Despite me.

Posted by Mike Stewart, Feature Editor

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