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Is The Hoya‘s editorial board even trying anymore? In yesterday’s top editorial spot, they called for the University to improve technological services, with one of their two main arguments being that we need wireless all over campus. Sound familiar? That’s because you read it in last Thursday’s Voice, Duke example and all (albeit a little more vividly argued and whimsically titled in our pages).

But that’s not all—their Friday editorial on season basketball tickets was also lifted straight from the editorial pages of Thursday’s Voice, and the second ed on the page was a muddled recap of our editorial from the previous week on safety cameras and town-gown relations.

If I were trained to write like a Hoya staffwriter—that is to say, unoriginally—I might say they were a day late and a dollar short. But since I write for the Voice, I can just be honest and say it’s kinda embarrassing.

Posted by Noreen Malone, Contributing Editor

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