Midnight madness

I was in Healy Circle last night around 1:00, checking out Mustard’s Last Stand, when all of a sudden the sound of police sirens became deafening, and the front gates turned an eerie purple color from the red and blue lights of multiple MPD vehicles. My friend and I ran up to see what was going on, but the scene seemed weirdly placid for the amount of police presence. A minute or so later, a big group of student ran by us, out the front gates, and away from DPS officers in hot pursuit.

Apparently, according to some rumors making the rounds among intoxicated partygoers (and, more legitimately, from some kids who were at the party in question), there had been an altercation at a beach-themed party in Henle where a fight broke out between Georgetown students and students visiting from Howard University. When DPS was called in, the Howard students turned on them, severely beating two officers. Panicked kids kept coming from the blocked-off Henle walkway talking about a pool of blood, and I saw one DPS officer completely unconscious, wheeled away into an ambulance by a grim-looking GERMS crew.

On my walk home to Burleith, I saw another ambulance, more kids and more cop cars on Reservoir Road. Everyone who was out on campus seemed pretty unsettled by the atmosphere of our usually peaceful campus—as my friend put it, apparently the D.C crime wave no longer stops at the Healy Gates.

Check our website for a full-length story on the incident by tomorrow.

Posted by Noreen Malone, Contributing Editor

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