Georgetown’s Hottest Professors

The Voice is pleased to announce an open call for nominations from its readers for the hottest professors you’ve spent hours batting your eyes at in countless dreary seminar rooms and lecture halls. They might be an Eros of economics like Sanjay Chugh, a foxy Portuguese prof like Valeria Buffo or some as-yet-undiscovered starlet out of a more remote department like Cell Biology or Polish. The discipline doesn’t matter, as long as your heart’s set a-flutter at every irregular conjugation, supply graph and textual analysis that floats like a gentle breeze through your lovelorn ears.

Email your favorites to, or just leave a comment right here. We’ll start posting the results by next week, with accompanying interviews, bios and high-resolution photos of the cooperative winners.

Posted by Chris Norton, Editor in Chief

One Comment on “Georgetown’s Hottest Professors

  1. Professor Patrick O’malley says Claire macDonald is very attractive

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