The best time-waster ever

The section of Google’s web page called Google Labs is a little bit like Disney World. It’s where you can try out all of Google’s cool new Google things while they’re still working on them. And none is cooler than this little guy right here, called “Google Trends,” where you can look up roughly how many people are searching for any given thing and where most of those searches are coming from.

Maybe that doesn’t sound that exciting, but check out all the things you find out about the world and maybe even your hometown (I sure learned a lot about mine!):

  • The UK is obsessed with “monkeys,” with different cities holding spots 1-8 on the top 10 (Sheffield is #1)
  • Don’t make out with Canadians. They have the top 4 cities for “cold sores” (Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Ottawa)
  • People in Cairo, Egypt love “fat women,” clocking in miles ahead 2nd-place St. Louis, Mo.
  • St. Louis does care the most about “fat men”
  • Philadelphia, Pa. (my hometown!) loves “beer”; Vancouver, Canada comes up again for “liquor” (Canadian cities own the top 3), and Portland, Ore. is the place for “marijuana”
  • St. Louis also has an inexplicable love of “poop” (Philadelphia 7, Washington not on there despite everyone on the Hill being so full of crap)
  • Hicksville, New York is the town most in a “Billy Joel” state of mind; Harvard kids, too (Cambridge, Mass. 7)
  • We now know what those Egyptians are doing with those fat women, as Cairo also came up #1 for “sex”
    • no American city cracked the “sex” top 10, proving we’re holding up a little false modesty compared to the rest of the world
  • People in Birmingham, UK have nothing better to do than look at “porn”; in fact, it seems to be a UK-wide thing. Los Angeles is the only American city on the list.
  • Spanish-speaking countries dominate those trying to find “Jesus” (Latin America in particular); Dallas, Tex. comes in 10th.
  • Spanish-speaking countries also appear to be finding the 80s, as La Paz, Barcelona and Buenos Aires were the top 3 searchers for “Duran Duran”
  • Despite their collective reputations, Philly, New York and D.C. may be the most polite places in the world, based on the number of searches for “thank you”

So, there’s just a bit of the glory. Go ahead and waste hours. It’s too much fun.

Posted by Mike Stewart, Feature Editor

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