Color-coded Cliques in Maryland

Did your high school seem like a bunch of sick little cliques? Does college feel the same way? Either way, it could be worse: you could be a student at Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring.

If splitting kids up by their academic abilities and corralling them into different classes wasn’t embarrassing enough, this school decided to make kids wear colored tags around their necks, according to the Washington Post:

“black for seniors, white for magnet kids and a particularly loud shade of yellow for students of limited English proficiency,” among others.

Some students reported hazing as a result of the program, and two-thirds of the student body called it a “hideous embarrassment” in a poll conducted by the student newspaper.

School officials said they hoped to build a sense of identity and security through the program. And they’re enforcing it with punishments–from verbal warnings to in-school suspension, depending upon the degree of insubordination.

In high school, it seems, you will know your place.

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Posted by Austin Richardson, Senior Writer

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