Rape Village

Last year I broke my favorite pair of sandals journeying down the awkwardly spaced steps next to Henle Village. Later, while bemoaning my foot-wear woes, I was informed that the steps were built as a deterrent to rape. They are apparently spaced to allow a woman of average height to run up the steps (presumably from a menacing attacker) with ease. The rape steps are situated right next to Henle Village, an area of campus I have come to term Rape Village.

Think about it. Dark alleys with cast-iron bars ideal for cornering defenseless victims; overgrown landscaping perfect for lurking behind; very poor lighting. All these factors combine to make Henle the ideal environment for a predator.

Although no one talks about rape at Georgetown, it still happens. Imagine this scenario: a drunk girl leaves a Henle apartment party to get some air, her companion gallantly offers to accompany her outside, one thing leads to another and you end up with a situation that can scar someone for the rest of her life.

The University needs to be proactive in this situation. Georgetown should at least install more lights in the creepy alleys to give us girls a little peace of mind on Saturday nights. It is up to the administration to determine whether or not Henle will disentegrate into a simmering den of iniquity.

Posted by Clare Malone, Voices Editor

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