Georgetown: the new University of Chicago?

Check out this article from last week’s Washington Post Style section. Aside from being total common sense – college students like to have fun? – it also implies that Georgetown is, well, not fun, at least by the traditional (read: partying) standard:

“What a student at Louisiana State University thinks is fun might be very different than what a student at Georgetown thinks,” a writer from the Princeton Review said.

While I am prone to being unnecessarily defensive, I think it’s pretty safe to say that LSU isn’t the uptight, all-work-no-play school in that equation.

Posted by Anna Bank, News Editor

2 Comments on “Georgetown: the new University of Chicago?

  1. Though I’m sure this isn’t what the Princeton Review had in mind, Georgetown kids’ idea of a good time does (and yeah, I’m generalizing here, I know) seem to be excessively narrow compared to what I grew up with in California and what I still see when I visit my friends at UCLA; a much bigger emphasis on binge drinking to the exclusion of everything else that’s out there in one of America’s most interesting cities. Pardon the oxymoron, but perhaps kids here spend too much time having fun in boring ways?

  2. I like how the Princton Review says we don’t drink enough and Joe’s anecdotal evidence says we drink too much.

    Maybe you just need a new crowd?

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