People of the Year?

It’s election season again at Georgetown, which means in a few weeks and after numerous appeals Martha Swanson will have handpicked a successor to Twister. Nevertheless, students will still be granted the privilege of participating in mock elections, and it appears this year’s ultimately meaningless battle for hearts and minds will be fought on YouTube. Here’s a breakdown of the videos:

Okay, these guys made about 9 videos so I watched 4 at random. Or, I would have, but I fell asleep after the first one, “Enoch and Munir on Wireless Internet.” The acting was wooden and the plotline was paper-thin.

“Enoch and Munir on GUTV” was concerning for a different reason… they seem to think running GUSA gives you control of GUTV and the WGTB. I know it’s called Red Square, but that doesn’t mean everything here is state-run.

As for the Water Fountains one, I don’t even know what that was about.

Score: 2.5/10 broken campaign promise points
What this video lacks in substance it makes up for in Earth-shattering special effects. Props to Hillman for finding a shot of Hillary Clinton actually smiling, but big downs for the rip-off the high-grossing “I love Georgetown, but…” motif. It also might have been better to go with the more camera-friendly Tobey Maguire.

Score: 4/10 broken campaign promise points
Jake’s initial campaign announcement is dry and formulaic except for twist ending, but no pants is always good for at least 1 point from the Voice.

Piano Man ‘GUSA Style’” suffers from serious sound quality issues and isn’t particularly visually appealing. Okay, I seriously can’t hear a word of this.

Score: 3/10 broken campaign promise points

What can I say that will add to this? The only endearing film of the bunch. Those cannons are such a phallic symbol.

10.5/10 broken campaign promise points

Posted by Mike Stewart, Associate Editor

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