Citizens Association of Georgetown tracks crimes on Google Maps

In an homage to Gawker, the Citizens Association of Georgetown has a Google Maps-based site that shows where each crime in our neighborhood went down.

In January, for example, the “crime reports mapping tool” identified 59 incidents in the area. Unlike a neighborhood newsletter with crime statistics, the map allows you to indulge your voyeuristic pleasures by highlighting apartments where you’ll lose more in burglaries than in rent, or which party just isn’t worth walking to alone. By only letting CAG cronies submit crimes, though, the “Mapping Tool” misses out on faked crime hilarity. For example, I was hoping to report a walrus assault on Prospect. No dice, according to CAG.

The map doesn’t include crimes on campus proper, presumably because CAG hasn’t heard of the Department of Public Safety blotter yet. I think if CAG started including violations of “dry” dorm status and the like, the Mapping Tool would give CAG the edge its wanted for so long over rival groups of concerned citizens.

Posted by Will Sommer

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