Weekend concert roundup

Jonathan Richman, 6:00 Friday at the 9:30 Club, $12

If you show a little hustle out there in the field, you can still make it down to 9th and V to catch an early show with the godfather of Velvet Underground-worshipping lo-fi indie pop, who has spawned a thousand adenoidal voices and snarky-yet-sweet senses of humor since his early ’70s proto-punk group the Modern Lovers defined what awkward New England college kids could do with electric guitars. Then put on your black zip-up hoodie, run over to Ben’s on U Street to grab some vegan chili, and head up 14th to catch…

Lifetime, World/Inferno Friendship Society, 8:30 Friday at the Black Cat, $15

Jersey’s best dancers (or so they would have you believe) have reunited after seeing the hardcore emo sound they pioneered in the mid-90s get its edges sanded down and sell millions thanks to the likes of All-American Rejects, Fall Out Boy and MTV, natch. World/Inferno, meanwhile, is the band every weird kid in your high school with stringy hair and too much eyeliner spent their Friday nights going to see.

Deerhoof, 8:30 Sunday at the Black Cat, $13

If Richman was a little too nice and sincere for you and Lifetime was a little too moshy and loud, Portland’s favorite art-punks will be bringing the fractured beats and manic, noisy, shape-shifting pop melodies of their new album Friend Opportunity to the Cat for you to stand impassively in your skinny jeans and pretend to ignore.

Thunderbirds are Now!, Oxford Collapse, 8:00 Monday at the Rock and Roll Hotel, $12

Now this show is where we separate all the sniffling indie kids from the clustered up clever kids and figure out who actually wants to have a good time. It’s hard to find two bands this loud, energetic, likeable and just plain fun sharing a stage these days, so make the hike out to H Street Northeast and take the edge off the beginning of the week with a few drinks, a little jumping around and a lot of the best rock you can expect from some guys who sound like they should be playing at your party in your living room.

Posted by Chris Norton, Senior Writer

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