Panda Cam makes voyeurism cute again

The National Zoo is one of only five zoos in the country with giant pandas, but the zoo is a bus ride and a Metro stop away. Normally, people who just want a quick panda fix, or don’t like pretending that they’re interested in gazelles would be out of luck. Fortunately, the National Zoo website has the Panda Cam, a continuous feed of those beasts are up to.

As of lunchtime Monday, Tai Shan was pressing his panda face into a rock, asleep. But then a weird mist floated by for a while. Fortunately, the panda seemed unharmed.

The pandas cost a bundle, so the least we can do is get our money’s worth by monitoring them constantly.

Posted by Will Sommer

2 Comments on “Panda Cam makes voyeurism cute again

  1. Just a note… There are only 4 zoos in the US with pandas – National Zoo, Zoo Atlanta, Memphis Zoo and the San Diego Zoo. (You said there are 5 zoos…)

    The “weird mist” is a system that the National Zoo has in the panda yards to provide a mist because that would be similar to their environment in China. No pandas are harmed!

  2. Will, first of all, you need to get your facts straight. There are not five US zoos with giant pandas, there are only four: National Zoo, Zoo Atlanta, Memphis Zoo, and the San Diego Zoo. I wish there were more.

    The “weird mist” is just a fine spray of water that keeper’s control to help simulate the natural habitat of the giant pandas found in China. Basically, it mimics a light fog.

    The “panda cam” on the National Zoo’s site not only is for our enjoyment, it is a tool for the research of this endangered species. It is also available for children of all ages around the world to learn about them. It also enables the keepers to closely monitor their behaviors and just to know that they are okay wherever they are in their enclosure. The exorbitant cost for the loan of the pandas from China is unfortunate, but this way we are able to do important research in order to preserve this species. Watching the cams is, to me, at least more enjoyable and peaceful that playing some mindless computer video games.

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