Lauinger carrels remain out of reach

A study carrel in Lauinger is the Mercedes of studying. Carrels have locks, privacy, and windows. If you had one, you wouldn’t have to carry your laptop with you everywhere for fear of theft, or ask someone near you to watch your stuff. You wouldn’t even have to walk back to your room because you could probably fit a cot inside. A carrel combines the best aspects of a personal office, a monk’s cell and a bachelor pad.

Unfortunately, they’re only available to professors and graduate students. Still, I wanted one, so I I called the library’s bluff. I applied here, listing myself as a grad student taking at least 9 credit hours. They only asked for my GoCard number and name, so I thought I was in.
Even though carrels have to be shared, I had big plans. I would keep drinks there, and some of my textbooks. Perhaps I could finally take my shoes off in the library without feeling guilty.

Unfortunately, more than a month on I haven’t heard anything from the library. Maybe all the carrel spots are filled, or my GoCard number betrayed my undergrad status. Still, I’ll apply again next year, because a lock and a view of Healy lawn aren’t things to give up easily.
-Posted by Will Sommer

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